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Riley’s Food Truck

Your opinion is valuable to us, please tell us where you would like to see the Food Truck next.


  1. No more locations just everyday by the MP Station

  2. I think by the hospital, not just one day!

  3. Motor Pool, there are always tons of people there

  4. I would like to keep it close to the King Field House, we all can go and have some lunch there, I would like to have it more days than just one, some times the truck is not there on the days they are supposed to.

  5. I Work in the hospital and I have tried several times to go and it is never there. I think showing up will help instead new locations.

  6. Buffalo road!

  7. I like the custer ave place you guys have I think you should stay there all three days.

  8. I like the Food truck at the PX, I can find it almost every day, I hate chasing locations!

  9. It is too expensive.

  10. I agree with Jessica.. its too expensive. If you are going to charge me $6 for a burger you could at least throw in fries and a drink!! It’s a food truck not a sit down restaurant!

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