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SKIESUnlimited Instructional Program

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Welcome to SKIESUnlimited

The name SKIESUnlimited is an acronym for “School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration, and Skills” with the word “Unlimited” for the unlimited possibilities this program can offer Army children and youth.  SKIESUnlimited encompasses instructional programs for children and youth ranging from four weeks old to adolescence.  Through SKIESUnlimited, children and youth in Child Development Services (CDS), School Age Services (SAS), Middle School Teen Center, and Outreach Services (OS) Programs, as well as Home Schooled Children, have equal access to opportunities that expand their knowledge, inspire them, allow them to explore, and acquire new skills.

SKIESUnlimited has a four-school system.  The four schools are:
School of Sports, School of Arts, School of Life Skills and School of Academic Skills.

Current Class Listings


                   Dance Classes
dance collageNamaste Ballet or Traditional Ballet

Ages 9-16, $32 per month


Ages 2-8, $30 per month

Traditional Ballet

Ages 9-18, $32 per month

Hip Hop Dance

Ages 5-16, $30 per month


                     Gymnastics/Tumbling Classes
Beginner Gymnastics

Ages 4-18, $30 per month

Gymnastics & Tumbling

Ages 2-5 or 4-7, $30 per month

 Combination Dance & Tumbling

Ages 1-3 (with parent), 2-4 or 5-7, $30 per month

Tumbling and Cheer

Ages 3-7, $30 per month

Advanced Gymnastics or Team

By Invitation, $40 per month

                     Martial Arts
Tae Kwon Do

Ages 5-18, $75 per month. 8th Street Plaza, Junction City.

* $100 one-time uniform fee and membership paid directly to the instructor.


Ages 8-18, $50 per month


Ages 3-5, 5-9 and 9-18, $35 per month; Uniform fees $35

*Annual membership: ages 6-13 $20 and 14-18 $40.

( Beginner Hapkido meets Wednesdays, Intermediate on Fridays)



Horse Riding Workshop

Ages 3-18, $30 per session

Kids in the Kitchen

Ages 4-5, 6-7 & 8-11, $15 per workshop


                       Parent Participation

Wiggles & Giggles

Ages 10 months-5 Years, $20 per month

Wiggles & Giggles with a Story

Ages 10 months-5 years, $20 per month


Why we offer SKIESUnlimited

There is no question that military-connected children and youth face special challenges, and Army CYS believes that the youth development benefits that can be derived from participating in SKIESUnlimited are significant.  Instructional programs touch every aspect of child and youth development: physical, cognitive, emotional and social.  A student’s age and developmental stage must be properly assessed in order to make best use of an instructional program.  The latest research shows that young people spend as much as 80% of their waking time outside of the classroom.  Students involved in after-school instructional programs have been shown to have developed an intellectual and emotional level that will be beneficial well into adulthood.  When involved in instructional programs during the critical hours of 3-8PM, they are less likely to engage in undesirable behavior.  Children and youth are able to participate in our instructional programs for multiple purposes: to explore new skills, to pursue and nurture personal interests, to interact socially with others, to build a resume, to bolster a college application, or even to foster a close relationship with caring , knowledgeable adults outside of the home.  Instructional programs foster the development of critical life, leadership, and social skills.

Enrollment in SKIESUnlimited

Children enrolled in Fort Riley Child & Youth Services are eligible to participate.  CYSS enrollment is conducted at:
CYSS Central Registration
6620 Normandy Drive

For additional information regarding SKIES, please call 785-240-5821.  For those who need to cancel a class a TWO WEEK DROP notice is required.

Instructors Wanted

SKIES is looking for instructors in many fields.  For further information please contact us at 785-240-5820


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