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The basketball courts at King Field House and Long Fitness Center will soon have their floors refinished.

• King Field House will close its basketball court August 18.

• Long Fitness Center will close its basketball court August 20.

The courts will be closed for about two weeks for proper curing and inspections. This shouldn’t interfere with the rest of the fitness centers’ operations. Customers should be aware that, at times, they may experience unpleasant odors associated with the refinishing process.


Thank you for your patience as we upgrade our facilities!

King Field House(Bldg 202)
Telephone # 239-3868
0500-2100 Mon-Fri
0800-2000 Sat/Sun/Hol
0500-2100 Training Hol

Robinson fitness center(Bldg 7832)
Telephone # 239-4480
0500-2000 Mon-Fri
1200-1900 Sat/Sun/Hol/Training Hol

Long fitness center(Bldg 8069)
Telephone #  239-4683

0500-2100 Mon-Fri
0800-1600 Sat/Sun/Hol/Training Hol

Leonard fitness center(Bldg 7632)
Telephone #  239-5771

0500-2000 Mon-Fri
1000-1700Sat/Sun/Hol/Training Hol

Craig fitness center(Bldg 7024)
Telephone # 239-5562

0500-2100 Mon-Fri
1300-2000 Sat/Sun/Hol/Training Hol


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